Sacroiliac Joint Pain & Chiropractic Adjustments

Ever wonder why sometimes you get a chiropractic adjustment and you feel great and stay feeling that way? And other times the relief is only temporary, causing you to have to go back over and over to get relief. We are going to cover one reason that can happen with the SI (sacroiliac) joint. A fixation of the SI joint can cause lower back pain, SI joint pain, hip pain, and sometimes sciatica type symptoms. But maybe not on the side you would imagine.

Many chiropractors will do generalized adjustments where the entire visit takes 2-3 minutes. There is nothing wrong with that for generalized mobility in the spine and pelvis, but with specific pain, especially chronic conditions that don’t seem to be responding to care, it is imperative that joints that are fixated are adjusted AND (possibly more importantly) joints that are moving properly OR are hypermobile NOT be adjusted. Yes, you just had a chiropractor tell you that sometimes joints shouldn’t be manipulated or adjusted.

In this video we talk about why and when and where we adjust the sacroiliac (SI joints) at Positive Motion Chiropractic in Los Gatos, CA and how approaching each patient’s case with diagnosis first and specific treatment second leads to our reputation of rapid and lasting pain-relief AND getting back to what you love in life.