“We flew from Texas to CA to be treated for some issues we had been dealing with for several years. He was not only able to assist us on such a short time frame with immediate relief but also did some research and provided us with some recommendations for local providers we could continue treatment with in TX. I feel he went above and beyond to help us feel immediate pain relief, but also gave us some insight into the why behind our pain and put us on the right path for local, long term treatment.”
– Nate Crys

About Positive Motion Chiropractic

Gaining a better understanding of the cause of your pain. Having a skilled doctor put together a roadmap of recommendations to get you back to feeling your best. Experiencing hands-on treatments customized just for you.

These are some of the reasons given by our patients who travel from out-of-state and even internationally to visit our Northern California clinic.

If you are considering traveling to see Dr. Pedersen, as a first step, we recommend booking an online Discovery Consult. Do this prior to arranging your new patient appointment and travel details.

During this 15-minute call, Dr. Pedersen will help you understand if your case seems like a good fit for our specialties, and if so, we will lay out the best options for making your visit a success.

The team at Positive Motion is here to assist you in recommendations for travel, accommodations, dining, and fun activities in the area. Below are some local favorites nearby our Los Gatos office.

Two International Airports Make Flights Convenient

San Jose International Airport (SJC)
11 miles (20 minutes)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
40 miles (45 minutes)

Accommodations Our Patients Enjoy

Some of Our Favorite Los Gatos Restaurants

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