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At Positive Motion Chiropractic, our passion is helping people get healthy and feel better. We accomplish this everyday using the latest chiropractic techniques. All patients have three similar goals: 1) to understand what is causing their pain, 2) to receive skilled treatment to help alleviate the pain, and 3) to learn what they can do to keep the pain from coming back. Dr. Brant Pedersen and his team have the same goals. Some chiropractors want to see their patients 3x/week for months on end. Not us. We want to get you feeling better in the least number of visits so that you can enjoy your life pain-free.

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Jennifer, 29 years older

Running is what keeps me sane and fit. But my right knee hurt me so badly I could barely walk. After two visits with Dr. Pedersen I’m back to my daily runs on the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Lisa, 48 years old

My MD told me to expect weight gain as I entered menopause. Dr. Pedersen taught me about cleansing my body and healing my metabolism. I lost 12 lbs and have kept it off for two years now!

Michael, 56 years old

My shoulder pain was keeping me off the golf course. My MD wanted rotator cuff surgery. I wanted another option. Positive Motion was the solution.

Bob, 72 years old

I wanted to be able to play with my grandson, but my low back hurt even to bend over. I knew I didn’t want surgery, but what were my options? My daughter told me about Dr. Pedersen and I feel like I have a new back.

Susan, 41 years old

I thought I was going to have to deal with migraine headaches for the rest of my life. I wish I would have discovered Dr. Pedersen and Positive Motion years ago!

Kaleb, 8 years old

Kaleb rarely complains about his body. He started complaining about his right foot after every soccer practice. After a couple visits with Dr. Pedersen, Kaleb was able to enjoy his love of soccer pain-free.

What people are saying

  • The best! Dr. Pederson's knowledge of the body as a system and his approach to whole body care and combination approach of kinesiolody and sports chiropractic produces amazing results. Dr. Pederson truly cares about his patience well being and he gives back to the community annually by volunteering to support the Susan G. Komen San Francisco 3 Day event where I first met him in 2009 in the medical tent! I remain a loyal client and he's treated many family and friends who have all had amazing results from his care. — Cathy H. / Los Gatos Yelp
  • Dr. Pederson was recommended to me by a friend. I have chronic pain and a lot of inflammation. I am just starting to work with him but my first experience was very positive, and renewed my hope for addressing the issues. He cares and it shows in his work. When someone is doing what they like and it is their thing it comes out. That is the case of Dr. Pederson. — Moses M. / Fremont, Ca Yelp
  • Simply put, Dr. Brant is one of the best healers I've ever come across. It's clear he has a strong understanding of the complexities and subtleties of our human body, and for me, he explains/educates what's going on with my body in a way that is easy to understand. Definitely recommended for any ailment or issue- big or small. — LaPhunk E. / San Luis Obispo, Ca Yelp
  • I drive down from Berkeley to get treated by Dr. Pederson. Why do I pass hundreds of chiropractors in order to be treated by him? The reason is simple; because walk out feeling better and I don't have to turn around and drive back in a few days because he fixes it. I find his combination of applied kinesiology and sports chiropractic the perfect fit for me. I also love Nicole at the front. If you want to get well quickly Dr. Pederson is worth the 90 minute drive...if you're closer what are waiting for? — Andrew C. / Berkeley, Ca Yelp
  • Dr. Pedersen has treated my husband and I for a number of issues over the years and we are always impressed with the results. Most recently, he worked with us on modifying our diets, which helped me attain a healthy weight and helped my husband get his high blood pressure under control. Dr. Pedersen's experience and depth of knowledge are without question and his approach to explaining his techniques and educating patients is exceptional. My husband and I feel fortunate to have Dr. Pedersen as our chiropractor. — Ann B. / Fresno, Ca Yelp
  • I can say with utmost confidence that Dr. Brant Pedersen is the most talented and versatile physician in Northern California. Why? Because Dr. Pedersen knows more about the human body at his age than most physicians do at their retirement. It is clear from the start of your appointment that his knowledge of physiology and anatomy translates into resolution, and education of your concern. I had numerous complaints as I'm very active and he was able to break them down and show me what happened and what steps were necessary to fix them; talk about the whole package! The bottom line is Doc Pedersen was able to help me without drugs or surgery. His "adjustments" were very gentle and the way he got me excited and apart of my healthcare set him apart from any other doctor I've seen. — Ian H. / Boulder, Co Yelp
  • I had seen 3 different Chiropractors before I found Dr. Pedersen. After a few visits with Dr. Pedersen, I realized what a difference there was between him and the other Chiropractors I had seen. There are so many offices where you go in and you feel like it's a "factory", time is an issue, and you're only kind of a number. This is not the case with Dr. Pedersen. The initial evaluation appointment was so thorough, I was shocked at how much time he spent with me going over things. You never feel rushed or that he doesn't have enough time to address all of your problems during an appointment. He truly cares and listens to his patients. He's extremely knowledgable and has a true passion for his work and it shows by how he treats his patients. I work as a Massage Therapist, and being on my feet all day can be very taxing on the entire body. He was the first of 4 Chiropractors to address other "aches and pains" outside of the spine. He's helped me with my wrist pain, hip-flexor issues, and was also the first one to recommend getting custom orthotics for my shoes(which have helped greatly with having to be on my feet all day). I recommend Dr. Pedersen with very high regard and feel confident in sending any of my friends or family to him, knowing they are in the best care. — Melissa H. / San Jose, Ca Yelp
  • I was beside myself with pain in my lower back and could not stand up, walk, or even get out of bed. I injured myself and after seeing Dr. Brant Pedersen, oh my god it was like a miracle. My first visit I was standing, walking and getting in and out of my car. I'm beside myself because my pain went from a 10 to a 4. Thank you doctor, I am going to Facebook what you have done for us as well. My son has his Mommy back. You're an angel with HANDS OF GRACE. — Pennae B. / Los Gatos, Ca Yelp
  • Dr. Pedersen has been my chiropractor for 7 years now. He is definitely the best chiropractor I have ever had! He consistently gives great treatments that are geared toward my needs. He prides himself on treating each patient as an individual case, addressing overall health and well being. Spinal adjustments are only a part of what he does, unlike other chiropractors I experienced where it was 'crack, crack' and I was out the door! I highly recommend Dr. Pedersen to anyone who wants to have a great experience each time time they walk into his office! — Kathy K. / Campbell, CA Facebook
  • Dr. Pedersen has consistently provided outstanding chiropractic care for me. If you are looking for a chiropractor, they don't come any better than this guy from my experience! — Andy V. / Santa Cruz, CA Facebook
  • Dr. Pedersen is an extremely skilled chiropractor. He is a great diagnostician and his treatments are spot on and will quickly relieve your worst pains. He has skills in many different techniques, including rehab and nutrition. He has excellent bedside manners and you will not wait more than 10 minutes in his office. Healing can begin as soon as you walk into the door and no-- you do not need daily appointments for the rest of your life to achieve great results ;) The office staff is very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend Dr. Pedersen to all my friends and all of them have provided extremely positive feedback. Dr. Pedersen works very well with other professions and is a true leader in the chiropractic field. How do I know this? Because I am his patient and I am also a chiropractor and a nurse. — Beate T. / Los Gatos, CA Google
  • I've been going to Dr. Pedersen for years and can I just say that his skills and knowledge of his craft always seem to amaze me. Not only can he fix what's aching in no time, but helps me with my overall health issues as well (health isn't always just physical, but mental as well). He doesn't try to make you pay a lump sum upfront or require more visits than you need. He makes you strive to live a healthier lifestyle because you realize it does make a difference. I always leave better than I went in and it's not just a temporary fix for a few hours either. He truly cares, has a wonderful and soothing office, not to mention a fabulous staff (Nicole, I'm looking at you). I've recommended family members and friends because I want them to feel as good as he makes me feel when I leave and he hasn't disappointed any of them. Believe me, when he cracks your back, it's a glorious feeling. And I will say this again, he TRULY cares, and that's an additional gift you get in return, no extra charge. — Crystal M. / Los Gatos, CA Google
  • I went to Dr. Pedersen for a chronic muscle pain in my shoulder. Over the past 20 years I have tried ultrasound, myofascial release, ice, heat, deep tissue massage, physical therapy, rollers, tennis balls - you name it, to try and release the knot. In just several sessions Dr. Pedersen relieved the knot using the Graston technique. — Kerry L. / San Mateo, CA Linkedin
  • Brant is a body expert! He gets to the bottom of our body aches and pains. If quality of life is desired, Brant can help in more ways imagined. — Alesandra V. / Sebastian, FL Linkedin
  • I had the pleasure to cooperate with Brant Pedersen on the Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure in San Francisco. He was a fantastic person to work with, I can highly recommend working with him. — John G. / San Francisco, CA Linkedin
  • He is generally my first call for advice when any health issue comes up. He is fully committed to his patients, is extraordinarily educated in his field and he continually strives to learn more. His passion and enthusiasm for his work and for his patient's health is clearly evident. He truly is the best. — Yvette M. / San Jose, CA Linkedin
  • Dr. Pedersen is agnostic to technique and studies everything so he can apply the right combination for getting the desired result. His holistic philosophy allows him to be creative in his adjustments. It's never the same thing twice and it's always forward moving progress. I was amazed that he was able to help me get the range of motion in my shoulder back so quickly. — Debbie D. / Redwood City, CA Linkedin
  • I have known Brant Pedersen for ten years and have always been impressed with his positive energy, his competence, and his commitment to service to the community. He fits my image of the 'doctor of the future'. He is a caring and compassionate chiropractor with exceptional skills in patient care. — Bill D. / San Jose, CA Linkedin
  • Dr. Pederson is an amazing chiropractor. He is by far the cream of the crop. He approaches problems from many different aspects and customizes his care based on the needs of each patient. He has genuine care and concern for his patients and is willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve wellness. — Sara C. / Sartell, MN Linkedin
  • I have known Brant since 2000 as a valued colleague and now also from a patient's perspective. Dr. Pedersen is truely a gifted chiropractor, who can help patients with even the most challenging complaints quickly and competently. He knows the human body like his back yard and often brings a unique perspective to a problem that no other health care practitioner has considered. I trust him with my health-that says it all. — Beate T. / Los Gatos, CA Linkedin
  • I have used Brant many times over the years. I was a high-level athlete and went to him when anything needed an adjustment. The first time I met with him, he was extremely personable and knew exactly what he was doing. I walked out without pain for the first time in months. I since then moved to San Diego, and have been constantly in search for someone with his expertise and abilities with no luck. Brant is one of a kind and has hands of gold. — Nicole W. / Santa Monica, CA Linkedin
  • I came in to Positive Motion with severe pain and limited range of movement from achilles tendonitis—running and jumping were very painful. After Graston treatment with Dr. Pedersen, I am completely pain-free, with no physical limitations, and my achilles tendon feels better than it has in several years. — Patrick L. /
  • Thanks for your time doing the YouTube video, 'golfers elbow exercises'. My 12 year old son who plays baseball, but is not a pitcher, is going through this. After watching your video now I have some more exercises for him to do. After his MRI the doctor only gave him the one exercise of stretching the wrist both ways with the arm extended. Thanks again for your video. I'm sure others find it useful as well! — Mike S. /
  • I'm a 65 year old, 6' 4', retired high school teacher. For the past two years, I've experienced chronic, sometimes debilitating pain due to herniated discs in my low back. In December, 2010, I weighed an alarming 332 lbs...I was stuck in an unhealthy rut. I needed help. On February 1, 2011, I began the 28 Days to Health program with Dr. Pedersen. Under his guidance, I've received lots of useful information, great nutritional products, and terrific support. Based upon my experience, 28 Days to Health is a pragmatic program that works! I've lost 32 lbs, my fat percentage has dropped significantly, and I look and feel so much better than I did six months ago! Now, my overall fitness, energy level, and renewed motivation allows me to really enjoy life again. I continue to follow the 28 Days to Health program, workout several times per week, and am much more conscious of the benefits of good nutrition! — Bill N. /
  • I had been hospitalized with stomach pain, diagnosed with diverticulitis, and informed that I had to begin a regime of soft foods and a diet with no seeds, no popcorn, no nuts, no raw vegetables—not the way I wanted to eat at all! Each time I felt pain, I started a course of antibiotics to avoid hospitalization, but two hospital visits later, my daughter said, 'please call Dr. Pedersen!' I did, and since then, in the last three years I have expanded my diet to one I enjoy again, have had no hospital visits, and don’t worry that I am taking too many antibiotics. I feel my overall health has been greatly enhanced. I recommend speaking with Dr. Pedersen for any health issues you might have—you’d be surprised at the things he can help you with. — Caralee W. /
  • I highly recommend Dr. Brant Pedersen to everyone! He is very knowledgeable, qualified, and attentive in his ability to diagnose. I appreciate how he takes the time to really explain thoroughly what is going on with my body and the technique he uses to heal me. I really trust him. I feel Dr. Pedersen has genuine concern for my health and well being as he assists me to become healthier. — Elke P. /
  • I just have to tell you how amazing I feel. I haven't had any achy body pains basically from day five on. Which is really incredible because I am always achy and my neck really hurts daily. I've had none of that, at all. I am relatively healthy but I just can't get over how amazing this 28 Days to Health program is!!! — Carley F. /
  • Dr. Pedersen’s chiropractic care has changed my life. Living with pain made my musical life and social life a drag. After a few sessions, a whole new body emerged and I now know the strength and balance my body is capable of. I owe my music career to Dr. Pedersen’s passionate gift—helping us find our highest quality life. — Alesandra V. /