Targetted Functional Rehabilitation Exercise

In today’s insurance driven health care system it is all too common to be given a “one-size-fits-all” solution to your pain. An example is physical therapy or rehab exercises that are generically given for low back pain or knee pain. A handout with 15 different boring exercises that take you more than an hour to do each day.

We find our patients crave learning where they have deficiencies or weakness through a thorough physical assessment and individualized Applied Kinesiology muscle testing. Then we craft a custom rehab plan with 3-4 targeted exercises that don’t take much time and that deliver results.

We find that when a realistic targetted rehab approach is taken our patients are motivated to be a team player in their health.

Targetted Functional Rehab Exercise at Positive Motion Chiropractic means:

  • No generic handouts with 15 “back exercises” – our recommendations are specific to you and your unique imbalances
  • Notice improvements in realtime as you do your exercises
  • A custom plan that fits your busy lifestyle – results in less than 1 hour per week
  • Progression as you strengthen – no need to keep doing the same exercises forever