Postural Analysis and Correction

Dr. Pedersen was a few years into private practice when he realized that chiropractic adjustments, muscle work, and targetted rehab exercises were not always enough to get lasting correction for his patients. And at Positive Motion Chiropractic we are never content with seeing the patient over and over treating the same issue. His seach for an answer lead him to rethink posture and its efffects on the body.

The standard approach to posture is to sit up straight with your chest out, head back, suck in your stomach… and it does not work. We all know that and that is why it seems like having attractive, relaxed posture that is comfortable is unattainable.

Each new patient visit to Positive Motion Chiropractic includes a detailed postural assessment as a starting point. And at re-exam we get another measurement to document your progress objectively.

Dr. Pedersen worked with Jean Coach in Palo Alto and then with her teacher, Noelle Perez, at the Institute d’Aplomb in Paris, France to approach teaching posture in a way that is congruent with human anatomy and physiology. The results are phenomenal and patients have fun learning how to be comfortable.

Dr. Pedersen has teamed with Krista Whelan, a world record holding triathlete, to provide postural balance instruction. We have three options to fit each individual’s need:

  • Posture Makeover Class – Learn how to sit pain-free and relaxed. Change your relationship with sitting for the better, forever. We limit this class to eight participants and it includes a 15-minute lecture and an hour of hands-on instruction.
  • Foundations Posture Series – For those who want to take their practice of balanced posture to the next level. Includes hands-on instruction on relaxed and pain-free sitting, standing, walking, bending, and sleeping. This series is four one-hour classes.
  • Private Posture Session – Get one-on-one posture instruction to understand the subtleties of your body and how to move and feel fantastic regardless of what you are doing. Unlock the cause of your chronic pain through private attention to your specific issues.

You can schedule a class, series, or private session now, even if you are not currently a Positive Motion Chiropractic patient.

We also teach posture classes to small and large groups in office and corporate settings. For more information email us.