What’s In A Name?

I was 20 and just about to graduate with my pre-med degree. Sitting in my college room with all the excitement of a life starting to bloom, I was signing off a letter to a friend and trying to come up with a letter close that would convey my attitude in life…

“In positive motion,”

The way I saw it back then, and still see it today, is that we have a few choices in life.

We can be in only one of these states:

Not moving forward. Nor backwards. Not moving at all. Not making an impact. Not standing for anything. No opinion. No desires. Each day that passes brings little feeling or emotion.

In “negative motion.” Sliding backwards. Devolving. Slowly decaying in our minds, bodies, and spirits. Letting the world make us old before our time. Giving up the will to strive for better health and a life of abundance and joy.

Positive Motion.
Living a life of action geared towards making a difference. A difference you feel as your body and mind becomes strong, vibrant, and fun to live in. Activating your soul and using your gifts to help those around you. Smiling. Sharing your heart, your stories, and your love. In my life, I choose to be in Positive Motion. I choose to help my patients experience dynamic health. I believe that health is not just the absence of disease, but a vibrant body that functions gracefully and effortlessly.

I hope that you will join me in Positive Motion.