Orthotics: An Answer to Your Chronic Pain?

This blog post was originally published by Positive Motion Chiropractic in 2018 by our associate chiropractor Vanessa Nordin, DC, CCSP

Hearing the suggestion of orthotics is usually met with curiosity or skepticism from most patients. At Positive Motion, we suggest orthotics after a full gait evaluation and FootLevelers laser scan of the foot (check out some of the information gathered in a foot scan). Orthotics are suggested only if there are clear indications that the patient would greatly benefit from them.

One of the most common indications for myself to recommend an orthotic evaluation to a patient is recurring same side low back or sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. Usually, the patient is physically active and/or does a lot of standing or walking during the day.

My personal testament to orthotics: I had a short run at playing rugby in the south Bay Area for two years starting in 2013, and after one game during my first year I took a hard fall straight on my right SI joint. It was sore for a while, but I sort of did what most active people do (and clearly not heeding my own advice I would give to myself as a patient!) by starting with denial that I had an issue, then trying to think it would go away on its own, bad patient! Since, I had off and on pain that would be re-exacerbated by intense running on grass with cleats, or other various physical actives.

After ending my time playing rugby, I eventually joined an outdoor co-ed soccer team. Yet again, I found myself running in cleats on grass, and after the first game I sprained my left ankle. After a little time off, I was back on the field and low and behold, the right SI joint pain came back with a vengeance.

Most interestingly, I have had several young, Bay Area female soccer athletes come to me with the same type of pain I had. These tough girls loved how they would feel after chiropractic care, however, their orthotics I fitted them for were the real kicker to obtaining long lasting pain relief! I realized, I am now one of those female soccer players, and decided I needed to evaluate myself.

I fitted myself for orthotics and guess what? No right SI joint pain! Secondly, my ankles feel incredibly more supported whether I am on the soccer field, pushing through a CrossFit workout or walking the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Lesson learned? Don’t forget to take care of yourself! The other piece of advice would be to know that unresponsive pain in one part of your body most likely is secondary to an underlying problem elsewhere in the body. Orthotics are a great addition to rehabilitation for asymmetrical movement patterns in the lower half of the body.

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