A Crossfit + Chiropractic Success Story

The following is an account of experience from one of Dr. Nordin’s patients who was so transformed by her care at Positive Motion that she wanted to share her story.

Hi, I’m Stef, a 37 year-old female, who has been on the lengthiest hunt for the healing I needed desperately. Over the last 20 years, I have seen 17 chiropractors (yes, 17) who claimed to heal me from the car accident I had as a high school senior. My straight neck had no curvature, my low back constantly was in achy discomfort and somewhere during the insanely long journey, I came across a phenomenal doctor in my hometown who treated me for 3 months and actually healed me. How awesome and great, right- Hallelujah!

To stay strong mentally and physically, Crossfit was introduced to me and I fell in love immediately. The goals, the determination, the strength-building helped my body keep moving and not to revert back to body pain. At this point, I was a new wife, had a booming side gig as a wedding coordinator, was team captain for our dragonboat racing team, the Delta Dragons, and we were actively trying for a baby. Clearly, slowing down and being complacent was not an option.

One day, I was doing a normal handstand pushup and my trap instantly got angered. And that became my enemy-injury for a year, limiting me to an array of certain movements and sometimes, having to forgo performing them entirely. In addition, a new chiropractor tried treating it, which resulted in a bad adjustment and worsened the pain, making my sleep almost next to none then. I couldn’t get out of bed without lifting my own neck off the pillow. Unable to sleep anywhere without a Tempurpedic pillow (at hotels, I stack bath towels to form a firm pillow), unable to partake in long car rides or flights (had to bring IcyHot patches, rubbing cream) and constantly never getting a good night’s sleep due sharp aches, became my new world. This led to another disappointment in my faith of chiropractors- disappointment #17, to be exact.

At this point, I began accepting that this agony would just be part of my future. Scenarios in my mind seemed to be a likely reality: perhaps traveling shorter distances for all vacations; using a headset for my phone from hereon since I couldn’t bend my neck to one side; hiring a nanny for my future children in case I can’t carry them for long periods; not being to walk for an entire day at Disneyland with my children due to neck/back pain. Also, how could I try for a baby if I wasn’t able to get adequate rest?! Things didn’t look so promising so the excitement to be a mother someday started to dim.

By now, we had moved to Campbell and I was part of a new Crossfit box, Crossfit San Jose, new community with new friends. Turning to my Crossfit coach for a chiropractic referral, he sent me to Vanessa Nordin, at Positive Motion and it was natural for me to be extra skeptical. Immediately, I unloaded my story and expectations with her, stating my pain level, my jaded faith in chiropractors and questioned the likelihood of remotely improving. Although it was only a phone conversation, I appreciated her honesty in how she planned to treat within a certain time frame and how realistically attainable it was. Never had a chiropractor been so transparent and logical with me. It’s always been “Of course I can heal you. I’ve been in this business healing athletes like you for years. I know what I’m doing.” Vanessa didn’t boast of any promises like this- she just eagerly wanted to get to work. So I decided to give her a try.

Fast forward two months and 13 visits later–with no magic wand and solely due to commitment and trust, I am a brand new person! Not only has Vanessa treated me towards an upward progress but I’ve experienced major breakthroughs in countless areas. Here’s a few to list: I can change lanes turning my head while driving without my whole body have to shift; I can lift weight overhead and do movements at Crossfit, when terror used to paralyze me from my trap flare-up every time; I was able to do dragonboat racing with sheer intensity, grabbing GOLD medals with my team placing 1st amongst 43 crews…and above all- I’ve been able to sleep!! My body has been the happiest it’s ever been in 20 years, being in a healthy joyful state that I’m excited to actively start planning for a baby again with newfound confidence. To top it off, I just signed up for my very first Crossfit co-ed competition!

One of my favorite and impactful aspects of this journey with Vanessa was the fear she helped me squash. Every time I was apprehensive in lifting or pushing forward at Crossfit, she instilled confidence in me and pretty much flashed the green light to proceed. Best doctor’s orders because her positive words were in my head when I decided to go for it. Instantly, the terror that hindered me for so long would vanish. Without the proof of my progress and her supportive words, I know I would’ve stayed behind in my performance and daily activities. But Vanessa empowered me as her patient and encouraged me as a friend. No other doctor has successfully, and genuinely, done that. Ever.

I’m a walking example of how finding the right doctor with exceptional knowledge and a stellar heart can gel back a damaged (mentally and physically) product. Vanessa has restored my faith back into chiropractic care, my body into a stronger capacity and she promised me the journey won’t stop here. Good, because I don’t want us to break up! It’s beyond me to not only be able to rave to everyone about how extraordinary of a doctor she is, but I’m so honored to call her my friend as well.

Vanessa, thank you indefinitely for all you’ve done thus far and will continue to do. You’ve provided the courage to live the best life God wants me to have and be the “goal digger” that I am! Double Hallelujah!!