As a chiropractor, a major aspect of my job is to make sure the body is functioning at its optimum capacity. Most patients come to see me because they are in pain, not moving as well as they would like, and looking to improve their bodies. This most often involves an evaluation of their bones, muscles, nerves, and movement patterns.

Have you ever wondered about the availability and accessibility of the supplies your bones, nerves, muscles and organs may need to simply function? What I mean by this begins with the simple statement “you are what you eat.” But are we really? Maybe you never settle for less than sustainably grown, organic, and locally grown or raised foods. However, if your digestive system is too inflamed or overloaded it cannot even begin to absorb and reap the benefits of the wonderful foods you serve to the greatest temple on earth, your body.

In the same way that we regularly replace the fluids in our car, do spring cleaning, and clean our teeth, we need to clean out our bodies. It is impossible for most people to say that they eat clean every single day of the year. We all cheat in one way or another, and that’s ok! But, we need to take our bodies in for a quarterly tune up from the inside out. Remove all the gunk built up over time causing our body to not properly absorb and utilize nutrients.

At Positive Motion, we recommend a quarterly cleansing of the digestive system to make sure our body can smoothly fire on all cylinders year round. The cleanse is a combination of resetting your mind/body awareness back to healthy habits, and a detoxification to help remove that toxic “gunk.” January is a great time for this because holiday parties and celebrations like New Year's Eve will most likely have taken a large toll on the overall health of our body.

The detoxification includes an easy set of supplements to assist your liver in turning poorly eliminated and toxic fat-soluble molecules into water-soluble ones. This allows for your body to more easily eliminate them, therefore supporting the overall function of your liver.

The other aspect of the detoxification supplements include a combination of gentle fibers, nutrients and probiotics. These assist your body in eliminating the toxins from your body, help to clean up any build-up in the colon, and restore a healthy environment back to the gut for better nutrient absorption.

Resetting your mind and body awareness back towards your health is the second and most overlooked aspect of a cleanse. Returning to conscious eating is imperative to the detoxification so that we do not quickly reverse its effects. Ramping up our physical activity and incorporating more movement into our lives will not only keep our bodies in great condition, but allow us to sleep better and be in a greater state of overall happiness.

The best dietary approach is to eat more fruits and vegetables, quality meats, and healthy fats (like nuts and seeds). In fact, avoiding all processed foods a good rule of thumb. Also, try cooking more at home, and eating out less.

Incorporating a regular physical routine, or simply taking more breaks while at work to move around will decrease the wear and tear of sitting to our bodies, increase blood flow, and promote hormones that make us feel happy and stress-free. Returning to 8 hours of sleep per night, and healthy sleep habits such as going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day will help us to have a more clear mind and avoid mid-day crashes.

Finally, incorporating some aspect of mindfulness or meditation each day will improve many, if not all, of the aforementioned aspects of our mind and body by keeping stress low. This could be as simple as taking a moment each day to take a greater awareness to the world moving around you, or 10 minutes of self-reflecting meditation.

Are you excited to start 2015 off right? A science-based, doctor-directed gentle cleanse is a great way to have more energy and start living healthier. Join us at Positive Motion Health on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 6pm for an informational meeting. Join Dr. Brant Pedersen and Dr. Vanessa Nordin on our first 21-day cleanse of 2015. Learn what it takes to re-align your mind and body, and what support you will have along the way.

In positive motion,

Vanessa Nordin, DC